Gearing Up for Spring Fishing

blue sea offshore fishing boat with fisherman holding rodIt seems like spring is taking the long route this year in coming to Michigan. Lakes are iced, roads are snowed-over – and even if you want to go out, it’s just too cold to do anything leisurely. You can only wait until this extended winter ends, before you can go back and continue your normal leisure activities outdoors.

It may be a bit cold in Michigan for fishing right now, but it’s probably the best time to buy fishing gears from providers like D&R Sports Center. Avoid the rush and buy early, so you can start as soon as the weather allows.

Fishing in Michigan

Encompassing four of the five great lakes, and with over 11,000 inland lakes, there is no shortage of fishing spots in Michigan. All sorts of salmons, trout, bass, and even the occasional sturgeon can be found in Michigan waters.

Whether you fish as a hobby or for sport, the diversity and the amount of fish will surely satisfy your wishes. All it takes is a little know-how, proper technique, and the right fishing gear – and you’re off to your fishing adventure.

Get that License

This year’s fishing license has been out, and it’s good up to March 31, 2018. You can get one via a local retailer, or you can purchase one online. Licenses are important, and they help protect Michigan’s wild locales. The nearly $40 million that licenses bring in, goes to conservation and maintenance of wildlife, public lands, and waters.

There have been a few changes this year, some guidelines on muskellunge and sturgeons have been changed. A few spots for salmon and trout have been reclassified, but more places were added. Other changes are mostly minor and probably won’t affect your fishing trips, but it’s worth looking through the guide just to be sure.

Those basses and trout are out there waiting for you, so gear up, get your license, and plan that weekend fishing trip.