For Late Bloomers: Which Smartphone Fits You?

Smartphones In HamiltonHate it or love it, it's hard not to carry a smartphone these days. They do so much more than let you call or text, as a basic cell phone would; smartphones are mini computers you can carry around and won't mind doing so. If you're just thinking about switching from your old flip-phone to a snazzier smartphone, it may not be easy to make a quick choice. Here's a little information to help you narrow your options.

Your Phone According to Price and Features

The thing about smartphones is you have plenty of choices, from the cheap to the 'flagship'. You can go for an inexpensive smartphone if that's all your budget allows, if you're not a heavy user, or if this is your first time to use a smartphone. For those who want a little more 'oomph'—a better camera, more memory, a brighter and crisper screen, more functionality, etc.—you can go for a mid-range phone. Then there are the flagship phones for those who will never settle for anything less than the best. They are made of the finest materials and deliver the best performance so brands tend to hang their hats on their flagships. These phones tend to look their price too, so they're usually part of someone's fashion statement or status symbol.

Your Phone According to OS

If you want to divide the playing field between operating systems, only two are truly worth mentioning: Apple's iOS and Google's Android. The rest of the pack include Windows, BlackBerry, Firefox, and perhaps other OS we don't know about. According to, iOS and Android are the 'last two standing' choices for almost all smartphone buyers.

When you buy a phone, the ecosystem that exists for it is dictated mostly by the type of OS you have, which is why iOS and Android rule. They have the best ecosystems out there. Also, if your phone breaks, it's easier to find an Apple repair centre in Hamilton or a shop that fixes Android phones in the same area than it would be if you owned something that runs a relatively unknown or about-to-be-forgotten OS, according to a staff of Apple Fix.

Your Phone According to Carrier

Carriers also tend to pick different phones for different subscribers. If you are partial to a particular carrier, you'll probably have to choose a phone that's in their lineup. If not, you may also buy an unlocked phone and use your carrier's SIM card or ask them to configure your phone for you. This last option is perfect for those who don't want to be tied down to a contract or those who prefer buying minutes instead of getting billed.

Whatever smartphone you decide to buy, the important part is how you intend to use your phone. When you get used to a particular phone, it may not be easy to switch to another, especially between operating systems. So go shopping for a while before deciding on a particular phone.