Flora and Females: Understanding Women’s Love of Flowers


It’s been a mystery for many why most women blush at the thought of receiving flowers from men. Giving flowers may be a cliché, and others think it’s an outdated act especially in this era that pushes for gender equality. Many women, however, still appreciate it when they are presented with a stem of rose, or even a dozen. Fortunately, you don’t need your own garden just to get your hands on these blossoms. These are just a few clicks away, as many florists online in the UK sell just about every kind of bud.

Women give high regard to romance

Women are such romantic creatures, and romance without flowers is simply unimaginable. Flowers are known to symbolise love, beauty, and all other things that women adore.


Women are attracted to anything with a pleasing scent

It’s actually been proven scientifically that the chemicals found in most flowers, called Prolyl Endopeptidase inhibitors, have attracting abilities. They’re known to charm bees, and these work in humans, too. Roses, chrysanthemums, and Chinese peonies are just some of the flowers that have these chemicals.

Women feel special when they’re given something

Flowers or not, receiving any kind of gift can make a woman feel loved and valued. What makes flowers extra special is that they’re visually appealing. They also have a rich history and tradition behind them.

Generations have passed, but flowers still remain in almost every woman’s list of most desired things. They make women feel vibrant, full of life, and incredibly special.