Finding Your Long Lost Relative

Magnifying Glass

Everyday people move away, disappear and lose touch with each other. Sometimes they leave intentionally, sometimes their disappearance is a mystery, leaving unanswered questions. Private investigators can help solve mysteries and reunite people.

Every year, more than 8000 New Zealanders are reported missing in cities like Auckland. Happily, most of them are found again within two weeks, but more than 300 are missing longer than a year.

When a loved one disappears, the grief can be harder to deal with than death. There’s no body, no funeral, no chance to say goodbye and the nagging question of whether the person is alive or not. All the unknowns make it difficult for those left behind to move on with their lives.

Adults can choose to leave, and this is perfectly legal, so unless the person has a disability or mental illness that places them at special risk, the police may not investigate.

Help for Adoptees

People who were adopted and would like to discover their roots and meet their birth parents might also encounter roadblocks when looking for lost relatives. Adoption laws, re-marriage and name changes can make it challenging to find biological parents.

People who lost contact with a parent or child after divorce – a common scenario after a family breakdown – may not know where to start the search for their loved one.

Private Investigation Services

Hiring a private investigator can help find a lost person faster. Missing persons detectives in Auckland are expert at finding people through records such as birth certificates, death and marriage records, voting registries, bank records, credit card searches, Web searches including social networking sites, business records, court documentation for misdemeanours and felonies.

They can extract information where others have failed and can help people find their friend or family member for an upcoming family reunion, marriage or birth of a new child.

The unanswered questions caused by a person’s disappearance can be haunting, but a private investigator can help find the missing piece of the puzzle.