Filth and Mold in Carpets: Affecting your Workers’ Health

CarpetMost offices and commercial establishments feature carpeted floors and walls, not only because they add beauty and aesthetic appeal, but also because they help in making things a lot more comfortable. Comfort is extremely crucial for productivity, because without it, your employees most likely will produce subpar results.

However, treated improperly, they can also become a source of sickness and illness, an expert from explains. Neglect, especially when you let them accumulate dust, dirt, and debris, will lead to the attraction of numerous disease-causing organisms, like pests and molds. Besides, leaving them dirty will seriously affect their quality, integrity, appearance, and life span.

Dirty Carpets: Home to Various Organisms

Unwashed carpets are the favorite nesting and breeding grounds of many types of tiny organisms, particularly bacteria and molds. And because the naked eye does not have the ability to see them, you might believe that they have not taken over your beautiful and expensive office carpeting, when in fact, everyone is already breathing in the air they have already contaminated.

Moldy and Mildewed Carpets

Another health risk dirty carpets pose on you, your employees, and everyone else who stays in or visits your office or establishment is the allergic or even toxic reaction from molds. Molds can quickly multiply and eat away at your pricey carpets because all they need is organic matter, like food and liquid spillages, shed skin, decaying matter, and moisture to thrive.

While not all molds can cause serious health problems, some species can produce toxic spores (mycotoxins) that can lead to severe health issues.

Your place of business, employees, and customers mean a lot to you, so make sure you keep it and them as safe and healthy as possible. Contact a cleaning service company in Salt Lake City for regular carpet cleaning tasks to achieve this goal.