Excavator Maintenance Costs Every New Owner Should Expect

Excavator MaintenanceThe euphoric feeling you get once you transition from renting heavy equipment to buying your own earth movers and excavators wane when you realize that you are in charge of repair and maintenance.

Why Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance goes towards maintaining the value of the excavator and extending its life expectancy. All excavators for sale in NZ come with manuals that will guide you on basic maintenance procedures to go through.

Moreover, you should hire or affiliate yourself with a heavy equipment mechanic who will keep a close look on your new investment and keep it in its best working condition.

Some of the most common maintenance checks include:

  • Checking and replacing oil filters when necessary
  • Replacing the oil
  • Checking fuel quality
  • Greasing movable parts
  • Taking care of the hydraulics

Get a Mechanic and Keep Records

If you can’t hire a full-time mechanic, stick to one garage and ensure that you keep records of every visit the excavator makes to the mechanic. All the components in your excavator have a service life and will need replacement once they hit their limit.

Proper record keeping will ensure that each component is replaced or serviced on time, hence, reducing wear and tear, and improving equipment efficiency. Proper record keeping will also come in handy when making warranty claims. Most dealers will only keep the cover valid if you were servicing your excavator regularly and using it responsibly.

Transitioning from hiring to buying your own equipment is a huge responsibility. This will give you extra charges that were otherwise unheard of when all you did was hire and fuel the excavator. It is, however, a wise move especially if your production justifies the initial investment in the excavator. You will want to keep the new equipment working optimally for as much as possible so as to maximise your ROI.