Enhance Water Cleanliness Through Steel Water Tanks

Steel Water Tanks

Steel Water TanksWater is a vital resource for domestic and industrial use. Centuries before the Industrial Revolution ago, people struggled to ensure a continuous supply of clean water. Since then, various storage solutions have been adopted to cater for water shortages common in dry areas and densely populated urban centres.

Some of the conventional storage tanks include concrete tanks, Zincalume, and plastic water tanks. Continuous innovation in the storage industry has given the rise of stainless steel water tanks that are most preferred in the manufacturing sector.

The following are the essential features of a stainless steel water tank.


When it comes to industrial water storage, the lifespan of the reservoir is vital. The manufacturing environment is characterised by the presence of corrosive substances and rough movement of materials likely to cause wear and tear.

Stainless steel is highly regarded in the manufacturing sector for its corrosion resistance and structural strength. The tanks are not affected by extreme cold or heat and can withstand rough contact from external forces.

Guaranteed Hygiene

Stainless steel is chemically stable, and hence do not react with water. Unlike the concrete or plastic tanks, the interiors and exterior surfaces are easy to clean, which ensures cleanliness of the stored water. Most stainless steel tanks are airtight and resistant to leakages, prohibiting the passage of harmful microorganisms into the stored water.


With the material being resistant to corrosion and rust, steel is 100% recyclable that ensures no waste goes into the environment. Steel manufacturers utilise natural energy and raw materials that do not pose risks to the environment. You can, therefore, sell the scrap tanks to the scrap metal dealers for recycling and earn back some money.


Erecting a concrete water storage facility is likely to take months owing to the lengthy process of construction work. With the high cost of building materials, you are likely to spend a fortune throughout the construction. However, stainless steel facilities come in prefabricated designs that can be installed instantly. Its durability lowers the cost of maintenance and replacement.

Enjoy customised tank designs that suit your space and landscape.