Empowering Your Brand through Customised Merchandise

Branding StrategyNow that you have a website that is getting traffic, clicks and even converting visitors into loyal customers, you shouldn’t stop your marketing efforts. In fact, this is the perfect time to step up your branding strategy. Online advertising may be the go-to tactic of many businesses these days, but do people always surf the web to look for products and services? One subtle way to advertise and get into the minds of current and potential customers is through promotional merchandise.

Subtle Branding

A company that specialises in custom merchandise in Australia cites that items such as pens, notebooks, mugs, tumblers and others are perfect to subtly market your brand. These are everyday things that people use. By offering these for free or as promotional giveaways you enter the daily lives of customers or even those who don’t even know your brand. When they see these items all the time, the owners become aware and recognise your company whenever they look for associated products or services.

With this strategy, the people you gave these promotional items to may even recommend you to others. Increased awareness of your offerings may lead to more queries about the other products or services you provide. They might search for your company online to look for more information. This is when your online strategy will kick in and turn a visitor into a consumer.

Changing Consumer Behaviours

Offering branded promotional merchandise has the capacity to change customer behaviour. Some consumers are willing to switch to a competing brand because they might receive a freebie. Offering two for one specials and free items along with a purchase of your product is an influential strategy.

Using promotional merchandise is a step in the right direction, especially when it comes to increasing brand awareness and recognition. Use this tactic in line with your online marketing campaigns to boost conversion rates and strengthen your value proposition.