Email Marketing: Why Your Business Still Needs It?


Regardless of the nature of your business, you can benefit from the power and opportunities created by email marketing. Research from McKinsey & Company shows email marketing is 40 times more effective at attracting new business than Facebook and Twitter combined.

There’s no doubt the arrival of email changed marketing and sales. There is much more written communication today than actual face-to-face interaction, which actually saves time. So act now to realise its full potential.


It’s an easy way to reach customers

Marketing specialists TMS Graphics notes that email marketing is an effective and affordable way to build strong relationships with customers and prospects. People who visit your website through email marketing are likely to become clients. Keep in mind that different designs and messages will yield different results. The trick is to customise your messages to emphasise the benefits that speak to specific customer needs.

It offers high ROI

Not every business owners realise the power of using email marketing to boost profits. When customers understand your offer quickly without feeling overwhelmed, they are more likely to seek your services. It is important to gain high Return of Investments (ROIs) to succeed in the competition, which is especially true for small businesses.

It delivers a focused message

What would you feel when you watch a TV show and you receive the most useful and relevant advertisements? You will probably not just ignore them. Imagine that you only receive ads that relate to you; that’s what email marketing does. If your target customers decide to receive e-mail messages from you, they are giving you a chance to provide them with promotional offers,along with product or service updates. If customers happen to share their suggestions, it indicates that your business relationship is moving in the right direction.

To unlock the power of email marketing, commit yourself to learning the best practices. Make a winning first impression by focusing on optimising your marketing strategy.