Different Styles of Patio Doors

Patio DoorsPatio doors in your Salt Lake City home will allow more natural light to enter and will give you easy access to the outdoors. The only catch is that unlike the ordinary doors, patio doors take up more space.

The good news here though is that patio doors come in myriad styles, which implies that you are most certain to find one suiting your needs and space availability at home.

Solar Window & Door lists four common types of patio doors below.

1. French Patio Doors

These doors feature rectangular glass panels set in wooden frames, usually arranged in sections that run through the entire door length. You could have either a single door with other panels being stationary or a double door, depending on your preference. Most often, these are fixed so that they swing outwards to avoid space constraints indoors.

2. Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio door is your best bet if you do not have adequate space for single or double patio doors. Such doors consist of glass panes fitted in fiberglass, plastic or vinyl frames. These doors are an excellent choice for smaller houses. Safety-wise, though, these are not that up to scratch, but you can install additional safety features to bolster its defenses.

3. Storm Patio Doors

Various strong materials comprise the bulk of storm patio doors, making them ideal for areas where stormy weather is common fare.

4. Screen Patio Doors

Unlike other patio doors, these have screens in place of glass. This gives the door both advantages and disadvantages. The pros are that the doors make the room more ventilated, and perfect for places where one needs to shut windows for most parts of the day.

On the downside, screen patio doors are not weatherproof and not that sturdy. This makes it a liability in storm-prone areas.

Choose a patio door that best suits your needs and revel in the grand look they afford your home. While these are the four most common types, you can ask your supplier to custom-make a patio door for you.

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