Design Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

Dream KitchenDesigner kitchens can cost a lot, but you need not really spend to have a kitchen that can come close to the one of your dreams. A bit of creativity is all you need to get started with your kitchen project.

Here are a few pointers to get that designer kitchen from Brisbane contractors:

Think about how you plan to use your kitchen.

Is it strictly going to be a space for cooking? Are you planning to create a small dining space, too? Whatever your plan is, the important thing is to think about it thoroughly, so you can maximise the space. If it’s going to be strictly a kitchen for cooking, you can indulge in larger appliances and worktops.

For ease of movement, a good design should have the fridge, sink, and stove or cooktop form a triangle. These are the areas that you will most likely be using while in the kitchen, so each spot should be at least a foot to six feet from each other.

Plan for storage.

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make with their kitchen is the lack of storage space. Make sure that you install enough cabinets and other storage in the kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, incorporate space-saving storage ideas, such as overhead cabinets that reach up to the ceiling — you’ll definitely be thankful for that later.

Think about the power plugs and gas lines.

When you plan your kitchen design, work in the location of your power plugs and gas lines. Make sure that you have enough power plugs for all your appliances before you start installing them. As much as possible, try to work around the location of these lines, so you won’t need to reroute them or add additional plugs.

Plan for trash.

This is another aspect of kitchen design that almost always gets put in the back burner. Instead of unsightly bins, why not take this opportunity to design garbage and recycling bins that meld with the design of your kitchen? Choose cleverly designed bins that are built-in to look like cabinets. Not only will they look fab, they will also keep your kitchen looking classy and clutter-free.

Who says you need to overspend for your new kitchen? Try these ideas, and you can see a great transformation with a small cost.