Dental Implants: A Convenient Alternative To Removable Dentures

dental implant

dental implantDental implants refer to fixing dental prosthesis into your mouth or jaw. This implant replaces the roots of your teeth. Affixing implants usually require surgical procedures, since the implants have to attach to the bone. There are different kinds of implants or prostheses used in the field of dentistry. An implant can be of three types – endosseous, subperiosteal, or transosteal.

Endosseous implants attach into the jawbone. These are made of materials such as ceramic, and are screw-shaped, or cylinder-shaped. Orthodontists affix subperiosteal implants on top of the jawbone, under the gum tissue. Finally, transosteal implants bypass the bone. These implants are usually either a frame that is U-shaped or a pin.

The Strand and Vale Dental Centre suggests consulting your dentist if you think you need dental implants. Some things to remember before getting them:

  • Getting dental implants could work to your advantage. It could improve the appearance of your teeth, as well as feel more natural.
  • Dentures can sometimes slip, causing your speech to slur. On the other hand, since your implants are permanent, it poses no problems to your speech.
  • Dental implants are also more comfortable than removable dentures. It allows you to chew your food easily as well.
  • Fixed implants make it easier to maintain oral hygiene. You need not clean your implants as you would dentures.
  • Well-maintained implants are durable. They last longer than dentures, and can even last for a lifetime, when cared for properly.
  • Dental implants protect your jawbone. Gaps in your teeth could lead to additional problems with your gums or deterioration of your jawbone.

Many dentists specialise in dental implants, which come handy in times when you have lost one or more of your teeth. A dental implant, though requiring surgery, involves a one-time process that will last you until the end of your days – even more so than actual, regular teeth.

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