The Comfort Priority: Ergonomics in the Office


When you’re consulting trusted fit-out companies in Perth and other parts of the country, you shouldn’t just care about getting a Dell or an HP computer for your employees, you should also prioritise ergonomics.

Here are a few guidelines when setting up your office space.


There’s a reason office chairs come with knobs that can adjust the height and position of the chair: maximal comfort. Don’t get substandard seating for your staff; the discomfort and possible effects on their health will cost you more in the long run.


There are certain standards when it comes to desks. A good one is at least 48 centimetres deep, 76 cm wide, and up to 86 cm high, depending on the user’s height.



Computer screens have to be right in front of the user at about an arm’s length. Ideally, the top of the screen should be a tad below eye level, although adjustable monitors can sometimes do the trick to prevent eye strain.

Object positioning

Everything should be within reach on the desk, which should be able to hold all office objects in place without cramming the area.

The key objective of every fit-out company should be the practicality of everything in place. Even though an office space has grand decorations, if it’s not ergonomically designed, your workforce won’t be as productive as they should be.