Cladding Your Home For Increased Insulation and Comfort

Cladding Your Home

Cladding Your HomeWith climate change being an ever-growing problem, and not only in Australia but in every part of the world, making your home adapt to these changes is a must to stay comfortable in it. So when planning a home improvement project, you should consider the application of high quality wall cladding.

Homes that consist primarily of timber frame, concrete, solid brick, and solid stone are the biggest beneficiaries of such non-load bearing systems. These provide not only protection from the harsh weather and damaging effects of environmental factors, but also a layer of additional insulation.

Increased Insulation, Greater Comfort, and Less Energy Consumption

Through the application of external wall cladding systems, notes, the insulating properties of walls become much better, causing an improvement in comfort levels. This is particularly true during the summer season, where cladding can help prevent significant heat gains, and during the winter season, where it can trap heat inside.

As a result, you can rely less on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system, which means that you consumed less energy. With the decreased need for energy consumption, you do not have to worry about spikes in your electricity bills.

The Use of Impact-Resistant Cladding Materials For Wall Reinforcement

To enjoy the above-mentioned benefits, while also making your walls stronger against Australia’s sometimes harsh weather conditions, it is a must that you use impact-resistant cladding systems. There are many material choices, so be careful when making a selection and make sure you go for those known for extreme durability.

Aluminium and steel are among the most highly rated cladding materials when it comes to durability, and water and fire resistance.

As a final reminder, a wall cladding system needs to be installed properly so that it can function at its best. It is for this reason that you should have a professional perform the application, to reduce the risks of improper installation.

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