Choosing the Right Polycarbonate Sheets for Your Project

Polycarbonate Roof

Polycarbonate sheets are useful in both residential and commercial building purposes. With the wide variety of carbon sheets, it is essential to choose the appropriate polycarbonate sheet for your application.

But, what do you look for when you visit a polycarbonate sheets supplier in the UK? VariCo Ltd has a few ideas.

Insulation Needs

Choosing sheets of high insulation level will ensure that the temperatures do not get too high during summer, or become too low during winter. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets have high insulation levels and will give you savings on energy costs.


Polycarbonate sheets are available in different colours. The sheet colour determines the light transmission levels of the structure under construction. Letting more light in will warm the building the more. If you need more light in your building, consider using the transparent polycarbonates.

UV Protection

The sun produces ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin of human beings. By design, polycarbonate offers protection against these harmful rays.

However, with time, the polycarbonate might wither and reduce the protection it provides. Some suppliers offer an extra layer to protect your sheets from weathering and the UV rays.

Types of Polycarbonate Sheets

  • Single-Layer Polycarbonate Sheet. This sheet is transparent and offers little insulation and high light transmission. They provide enough warmth all year round.
  • Double-Layer Polycarbonate Sheet. This type of sheets offers better insulation levels and protection from the sun. They distribute both heat and light to keep the space comfortable. A thicker sheet offers more insulation and hence more cost-effective.
  • Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheet. These sheets contain many layers of the polycarbonate sheets. Although they are more costly than the other options, they offer the highest level of insulation and hence greater savings on heating costs.

Now that you know the considerations when choosing polycarbonate sheets and the types of polycarbonate sheets, you can confidently approach a polycarbonate sheets supplier in the UK. Regardless of your choice, get a reliable supplier of high-quality products.