Children Raised by Same-Sex Couples are Not at a Disadvantage

Same-Sex Couples in Albuquerque More people are accepting of same-sex couples these days, which marks a slow but remarkable improvement in society’s views on these relationships, which were once sadly looked down upon. Not only are gay or lesbian couples allowed to legalize their union via marriage in a growing number of states, but it is now more possible for them to adopt a child legally.

Gender is not the top factor for raising kids

The American Academy of Pediatrics published a report coauthored by Benjamin Siegel, a professor of pediatrics in their School of Medicine. The report, according to Siegel, shows that the gender or sexual orientation of a child’s parents is less a factor in the child’s well-being than the parents’ sense of security and competence, and their social and economic support for the child. Just about everyfamily law attorney in Albuquerque is likely to agree with such findings, as they know more about the best interests of the child than most.

This goes against what at least one Supreme Court Justice claimed, that there was considerable disagreement among sociologists in terms of the consequences of child-rearing by a same-sex couple.

Not enough respondents

The problem with studies that tend to show such disagreements is that they only sample a small percentage of the total number of same-sex couples raising a child or children. According to Siegel’s report, about two million kids are now being raised by gay parents. It is Siegel’s hope that eventually, people would stop questioning a same-sex couple’s ability to raise responsible citizens just like their heterosexual counterparts.

Acceptance is growing

Although what makes it to the news is usually the bad side of things, the reality is that more Americans today are beginning to realize how inappropriate and pointless it is to close certain doors on members of the LGBT community, particularly those that concern raising their own kids.

Like Siegel, many people are hoping for more acceptance and openness, not just tolerance, so that at some point in the near future, the focus will shift from gender and sexual preference to responsibility and accountability alone.