Children Enrichment, Skill Development, and the Cerebral Hemispheres


ChildrenOne of the most popular concepts on human development is that of ‘nature vs nurture’. The latter talks about what is innate in the individual by way of their genetic makeup. On the other hand, nurture pertains to the environment that the person is exposed to right from his childhood until they mature.

Psychologists agree that it is an interaction between the two that forms the individual – on how talented and effective they would come to be. With that, you should do everything you can to help the young ones maximise their potential. This can be attained through children enrichment programs that are available in your area, according to the Heguru Education Centre.

Differences Between the Left Side and the Right Side

The brain is arguably the most important organ in the body. It serves as the control centre that dictates the function of the different organs and muscles. Interestingly, it is comprised of two halves, each, in part, having distinct attributes.

For instance, the right brain is responsible for the creative side of the person. Those who are very artistic and effective in expressing themselves through music and movement have strong right hemispheres. Since this is an important quality to develop among children, you should look for training programs that have this focus.

Create a Strong and Balanced Child by Training the Whole Brain

Of course, the left hemisphere of the brain, or the left half, in simpler terms, should not be left out. While it is more for the analytic and logical side of thinking, it is very important in dealing with complex problems or technical tasks.

As you can see, both sides of the brain actually have their own set of benefits in creating a well-rounded child. With this, the brain should be enhanced and challenged, both as a whole and with respect to separate skill sets. It would be wise to give children all the help they can get at an early age. After all, it would be them who would carry on the responsibility in making the world a better place.