Child-Proof Raised Structures in Your Home the Pretty Way


stairwaysWhen planning any addition to your home, it is important to meet the safety standards set by the Building Code of Australia (BCA). This is particularly true for raised or elevated structures, such as staircases, second floors, verandas, mezzanines, patios, decks, balconies, or ramps. Since these pose the risk of falling, which can lead to accidents and injuries, you need to surround it with a barrier.

Walls are not your only option, though. Thanks to the availability of stainless steel balustrading services, Australian homeowners can now make these raised structures child-friendly and pretty at the same time.

According to Active Metal, by choosing a balustrading company known for using high quality materials and exceptional workmanship, you can:

Make certain your home satisfies the BCA.

According to the BCA, continuous barriers, like balustrading systems, should be put in place along the sides of stairways, ramps, floors, balconies, verandas, access bridges, mezzanines, decks, corridors, and hallways, if these structures are above one meter from the ground.

There are many other requirements that balustrades need to meet, so contacting a reliable balustrading company can help you ensure your home complies with the BCA.

Prevent children, elderly, and pets from falling.

Children, elderly, and pets are at the biggest risk of falling from elevated structures. Running around, slipping, and tripping can all lead to falling, and if a barrier does not protect these areas, can make the injuries they sustain more severe. Since balustrades are also equipped with handrails, they also serve as an ideal support for people walking up and down the stairs.

Increase your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Since there are now many different designs and styles of stainless steel balustrades to choose from, you can opt for one that best suits your current home décor and theme.

All in all, balustrading systems need not just be functional; they can also boost your home’s overall appeal.

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