Child Custody Myths That You Need To Ignore

child hugging father moving out of the houseOne of the most complicated parts of divorce is child custody. In fact, people still hold a few misconceptions about it which may affect their decisions about their child. That’s why reaching out to a child custody lawyer in Marysville is essential to get proper legal advice for your current situation. So here are a few myths about child custody that you might want to remember.

The child can choose wherever he or she wants to live

Your child has to be of right age for the court to consider their wishes, especially when it comes to where they’re supposed to live. According to Self Growth, the parent who doesn’t have any chance to see the child can humbly ask the court to hold the parent who has custody of the child in contempt of court.

The parents who stay automatically gets a grant for child custody

Most parents think that abandoning their child means losing their rights over child custody. However, both parents share the same legal rights over child custody. Based on an article posted on Lawyer Issue, both parents have to wait until they receive a formal child custody order coming from the court to decide about it.

Custody automatically goes to the Mother

Although the court considers the parent who manages the child’s everyday needs, the gender of the parent doesn’t have any effect on the decision on child custody. The court seriously considers various factors on who to award child custody. The court also doesn’t hold any preference for the child to stay with the same gender parent.

It’s always best to understand all the possible scenarios when you and your partner go on a divorce. Seeking legal assistance from a family lawyer is very much advisable to get legal assistance with the entire process.