Must-Visit: Five Ecotourism Spots in Australia

February 27, 2017 0

Ecotourism is mainly focused on natural environments, supporting the conservation efforts and observance of wildlife. It brings together individuals, communities, and agencies that initiate responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment. This environment, Read More

Best Reasons Why the World Loves Canada

December 6, 2016 0

Canada is often pictured as a cold country with brutal winters. While that may be true, it’s important to point out that there’s more to Canada than just inclement weather. Wide expanses of land allow for Read More

Your Thyroid and Its Purpose

November 7, 2016 0

The thyroid gland is located in the front of your neck and the hormones it produces affect the function of your entire body. These hormones affect your metabolism and how you use the food you Read More

5 No-to-Miss Destinations in Singapore

August 18, 2016 0

Singapore is one of the most exciting destinations in Southeast Asia because of the many attractions you can visit and activities you can enjoy with your friends or the whole family. Here are some of Read More

How to Enjoy Sentosa Island

August 15, 2016 0

Sentosa Island is the premier destination in Singapore. If you've been to Sentosa, you probably know by now that a day's visit is not enough. Here are some exciting places to visit while in Singapore.  Read More

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