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Top Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

Being invincible would sure be great. Unfortunately, neither you nor your small business is immune to natural disasters, human errors or even cyber-attacks. To mitigate against such compromising situations, you need a BDR plan. A BDR plan is a set of backup and disaster recovery solutions put in place to reduce data loss, ensure uptime, […]


Plumbing: A Profession Built on Lead, At First

The modern accessibility of water is easy to take for granted, especially since entire generations of people have already lived with a faucet just nearby. But, in the ages when water had to be manually transported from wells, cisterns, springs and rivers, the development of a new system for supplying water was a pipedream in […]


Smart Security of Today

The technology industry continues to produce innovative solutions for people today. One of the industries affected by technological innovation is the security industry. Now, more than ever, you can equip yourself, your home, your building, or your establishment with smart security systems. From alarms to sensors, here are some of the technology you can get. […]


Achieving Web Design Success

Designing a website is often best left to professionals. However, if the professional you hire has no idea what you need, they cannot perform the magic you hired them for. So Why Hire In the First Place? If you have to think about what you need, you may wonder why you even hired a professional […]


Why Is 100% Efficiency Impossible on Anything?

In an ideal world, cars are 100% efficient. Fuel never goes to waste, and the amount of energy output is equal to the amount put into it. But alas, this is not an ideal world. Modern car engines, despite advances in engineering and design, can only manage 25-30% efficiency. Experts have also said that 100% […]


How Did the Ancient Egyptians Cut the Great Pyramid’s Blocks?

Stonecutters today have it way too easy. Companies like STONEGATE make cutting and shaping stone easier than before with advanced CNC tools. As a result, projects are often completed either ahead in time or within schedule. Now, try imagining what life was like for ancient stone cutters if they were working on a project that’s […]

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Can Google Stand on Its Own without Firefox & Safari?

Despite having its own browser (Chrome), Google has long been the default search engine for other major platforms, such as Firefox and Safari. That’s no longer the case, though. The search giant already lost the former to Yahoo!—which, by the way, has an alliance with Bing—and at the brink of losing the latter as well. […]


Potentiometers: The Little Things that Make Planes Work

Most of us ride in airplanes to get from one place to another, but we don’t really know how they work or how we get to travel safely. What many don’t realize is that one little thing is the reason we’re able to travel in the air. It goes by the name of “pot” in […]

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Bar Code Scanner: A Buying Guide

It has become common today to use different devices for specific purposes. For instance, bar code scanners, which have to be connected to a computer, are useful in the retail industry. There are many options available if you want this device. First, keep in mind that it is necessary to learn what these options are […]


Building a Modern Business: 4 Things You Should Never Miss

Some people make for good employees, while others are more suitable to being entrepreneurs and business owners. If you foresee yourself in the shoes of the latter and would want to start your own firm, then you have to consider a few things. 1. Your Knowledge of the Different IT Areas IT, or Information Technology, […]