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Granny Flats as an Investment Opportunity

July 25, 2014 Six Degreez 0

Why are granny flats gaining so much popularity these days? Owners and investors alike are making granny flats a priority to make money off of their existing properties. What is the secret strategy that makes […]

inside a physiotherapy clinic
Products and Services Reviews

Physiotherapy Equipment: Tools of the Trade

April 29, 2014 Six Degreez 0

Physio and physical therapists help people with health issues regain mobility. Some pieces of equipment are used to increase their range of motion and execute different exercises based on their health conditions. Most Townsville exercise […]

Products and Services Reviews

Air Conditioner Exercise

January 8, 2014 Six Degreez 0

Air conditioners use a lot of power to regulate the temperature inside a room, and that’s not cool. The effect of an air conditioner on a house’s electric bill is comparable to the costs a […]

Products and Services Reviews

How Countertops Improve Resale Value

December 27, 2013 Six Degreez 0

Home buyers look at every aspect and corner of a house before they make a deal. A slight turn off can change their minds, so it’s important to make everything presentable. From the interiors to […]