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3 Corrosion Control Methods You Should Know

Rust is cancer for metals. It gradually spreads and eats the material away. Hence, it is essential to protect your cars, metal doors, window frames, and other metal-made equipment from the risk of corrosion. To help you with this objective, below are the three rust control methods you should know….

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Business Coaching Fundamentals

Business is all about chasing targets and giving your best output so that you can stand out. However, the daily grind and the pressure to excel can sometimes take the better of you and even of those working with you. Despite all this, you can be a good leader to…

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Filth and Mold in Carpets: Affecting your Workers’ Health

Most offices and commercial establishments feature carpeted floors and walls, not only because they add beauty and aesthetic appeal, but also because they help in making things a lot more comfortable. Comfort is extremely crucial for productivity, because without it, your employees most likely will produce subpar results. However, treated…

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Enhance Water Cleanliness Through Steel Water Tanks

Steel Water Tanks

Water is a vital resource for domestic and industrial use. Centuries before the Industrial Revolution ago, people struggled to ensure a continuous supply of clean water. Since then, various storage solutions have been adopted to cater for water shortages common in dry areas and densely populated urban centres. Some of…

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What Inside Out Taught Us about Moving

inside out movie scene

Disney and Pixar’s latest animated adventure delves into the human mind to explore the fundamental emotions that make everyone in the world tick. The film opened to one of the most successful box office weekends of the year, and critics continuously praise it as one of the most cleverly written…

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Paper Wipers: Keeping Hands Dry and Workplaces Safe

Paper Towels

Did you know that wet hands increase transmission of bacteria by more than a hundredfold? Researchers say that microorganisms, especially bacteria, prefer moist areas. A wet environment supports the growth and proliferation of germs. A single bacterial cell can turn to millions within 24 hours. Wet hands also increase the…

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3 Qualities Building Materials Should Possess

Building Materials

One of the first steps in planning to build your home or buying materials for a construction project is to identify the things you need. The price is not the only thing to consider in choosing construction materials. Whether you’re buying steel, wood, or any other materials, remember that they…

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