Diamonds are SO Last Season: The Dawn of Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite Engagement Ring

Did you know that moissanite is comparable to diamonds in every significant way, such as its cut, brilliance, fire, durability, clarity, and color. Besides, people in a relationship would be ecstatic to hear that the moissanite vs diamond cost is incredibly vast. While a carat of diamond will cost you…

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Have Your Water Works Got You in a Fix?

Have your water pipes got you stressed and upset all night? If the toilet leaks, the drain is blocked or your kitchen has flooded, you have to do something about it.  Plumbing problems need not be a disaster. If your washing machine has leaked, your sinks won't drain or the…

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3 Skills a Mother Should Teach Her Son Before He Weds

Wedding Ring

No manual suffices to prepare a man for the challenges of marriage. So, a mother should take the initiative to help him overcome these challenges by teaching him some tricks to ascertain his future wife’s happiness. When he prioritizes her happiness, after all, he reduces the drama that comes with…

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The Perfect Fashion Jewelry for Spring

Spring Jewelry

Spring undoubtedly heralds a new phase of the year and its transition from winter is always welcome. While winter signifies bleakness, spring on the contrary is more like a color riot. Spring symbolizes new beginnings. Similarly, fashions change and jewelry stores gear up to cater to the needs of the…

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