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Gearing Up for Spring Fishing

April 11, 2018 Six Degreez 0

It seems like spring is taking the long route this year in coming to Michigan. Lakes are iced, roads are snowed-over – and even if you want to go out, it’s just too cold to […]

a boat
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Protect Your Boat Top to Bottom

April 6, 2018 Six Degreez 0

You may think that boats are made for the water, and they are, but boats are still vulnerable to the debris, moisture, and the water itself of lakes, rivers, or the ocean. With the large […]

flooded home
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4 Calamitous Impacts of Flooding

February 26, 2018 Six Degreez 0

Global warming is increasingly wreaking havoc on the entire globe. Abnormally potent typhoons and cyclones experienced in places once spared from them had resulted in unforeseen flooding incidents. Take for instance Hurricane Katrina, which proved to be […]

a woman happy at work
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Sure Tips to Keep You Productive at Work

February 6, 2018 Six Degreez 0

Most of us stand accused of feeling demotivated or even dozing off during meetings at the workplace. Mainly due to fatigue, and lack of motivation, companies end up registering huge losses. But there are innovative […]

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6 Must-Dos When Running a Food Business

February 13, 2017 Six Degreez 0

Starting a business means doing something you believe will reap the benefits of your hard work. A lucrative business to venture, for example, is the food business. It’s both exciting and rewarding although it could […]