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How Are Hotels Rated?

November 24, 2016 Six Degreez 0

Hotels have strict classifications as mandated by the hospitality industry. Be it hotels in Bath’s city centre such as The Royal Hotel or any other hotel in the world, they are classified according to specific […]

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The Basics of Section 8 And Its Inherent Risks

November 23, 2016 Six Degreez 0

When you ask landlords about Section 8 investment, many would hardly give you positive feedback. There are many horror stories about Section 8 tenants destroying the landlord’s property. Aside from managing difficult Section 8 tenants, […]

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Appeal to Your Customers the Right Way

September 23, 2016 Six Degreez 0

Being able to appeal to your customers the right way is key to having a successful product line. There are certain methods that you can implement to ensure that your customers will choose your product. […]

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Making It Last: Your Wedding Day Make-up

September 9, 2016 Six Degreez 0

There is nothing a bride would want on her wedding day than to have her make-up stay from the ceremony to the reception and even at the after-party. Professional wedding hair and make-up salons in Austin […]