a mouth pulled up to show the gums
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Treatment for Gum Disease

September 11, 2018 Six Degreez 0

Gum disease is a common dental condition where the gums become inflamed. It can lead to periodontal disease, a cause of tooth loss. Without regular treatments, periodontal disease can occur and damage bone and tissue. […]

Woman Undergoing Facial Procedure
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Probiotic Skin Care: What You Should Know

June 7, 2018 Six Degreez 0

There are tons of skin care products on the market today. Looking around, however, one might find products labelled ‘probiotic’. This is a term commonly associated with food and beverage items. And it makes a lot of sense […]

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Sleeping Is the New Luxury

April 26, 2018 Six Degreez 0

In an increasingly sleepless society, you’re one of the lucky few if you get the recommended number of hours of shut-eye per night. There’s too much to do and the hours of the day are […]