Career Opportunities with A BSN Degree

BSN Degree

BSN DegreeBSN or the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree paves the door for students to pursue a bright career in the allied health sector. Via the BSN programs in Las Vegas and other places, you not only learn the general coursework, but also gain extensive experience in clinical settings. This avails you of advanced training in communications for pursuing a career as a staff nurse, consultant, health care administrator or researcher.

For those particularly interested in building a career as a nurse, the following is a glimpse to BSN career opportunities, as compiled by the Roseman University of Health Sciences.

1. Clinical Hospital Staff Nurses

The staff nurses normally work in clinics, hospitals and in the offices of physicians. As a staff nurse you can directly enter the doors of specialty units in hospitals such as intensive care, critical care and cardiac care units. You can also work in the oncology department and maternity wards. Your job duties include:

• Assisting doctor with examinations and procedures
• Evaluating patients
• Dispensing medications
• Preparing patient care charts
• Implementing treatment plans
• Supervising other staff such as clerks, medical assistants and vocational nurses

2. Non-Clinical Hospital Staff Nurse

Non-clinical hospital staff nurses work in a hospital while taking care of non-clinical, administrative tasks. Once you have several years of experience under your belt, you can even ascend to management level positions as head nurse or department manager. You also have the opportunity to become a health service administrator or a clinical staff recruiter.

3. Non-Hospital Nurse

With a BSN degree, you can also join various positions outside a hospital such as in:

Nursing homes
• Hospice care facilities
• Insurance companies
• Pharmaceutical companies
• Educational institutions
• Government organizations

In the first three settings, you will perform nursing roles, both clinical and administrative. In the last three settings, your role is a researcher or trainer. You could also be in an administrative position.

No matter what kind of nurse you become with a BSN degree, your pay scale will be competitive, enough to give you a fulfilling life.

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