Car Care and Maintenance for New Car Owners

Parents And Children In CarOne of the worst things that can happen to you as a new car owner is when your ride dies while you're: going to the grocery to pick up some stuff, going to school to pick up your kid, or going home after doing both. To avoid such situations, here are some useful car care pointers:

Create A Checklist – Have a printed short list of possible technicians, automotive experts, tow services and auto supply providers on the ready alongside your list of emergency numbers. It may take a while and a lot of research, but and other car experts suggest finding a reputable and affordable source, even for hard-to-find items like old model car parts. It's always good to be prepared.

Have a Regular Car Check-Up – Don't wait until your car gives up on you and dies midway towards a destination. The stress brought by anxiety-filled children while waiting for the tow truck is not worth the trouble of putting off a regular maintenance check. Besides, you may end up paying more in repairs and parts if you just let it all wear down before having it checked.

Check Everything Before Leaving – Check the oil, brakes, gas and any other possible thing you need to be sure of before you turn that key. Are the heaters or air conditioner working? Make sure that your children's car seats are secure and that your locks are still functional. See if you have your tool kits, a functional spare tire, a gallon of water and your first aid kit on hand as well. Anything can happen with children on board.

Having everything at the ready is one of the best ways of economizing on time, effort and money. Admittedly, these last three factors are truly important for a single parent. Besides, if everything is ok, you will find each journey a little easier and a lot more fun for you and the kids.