Capturing the Street Life: How to Take Share-Worthy Photos

Street photography

Street photographyThere is nothing more fulfilling than capturing a stunning moment, which can be worth a thousand words. In street photography, once you see something beautiful and interesting, take a picture of it. Once you miss the opportunity, it is gone forever.

Documenting what is happening on the streets can allow you to see life in a different perspective. You need to be creative, so you can see the uniqueness in simple things. But starting a street photography is not easy. It is not just about picking up a camera, finding a subject and then shooting it.

Here’s how to take astounding, dramatic-looking shots:

Ditch the Zoom

If you are used to taking macro pictures, it is time to try something new and use wide-angle lens. Street photography will teach you to take photos up close and personal. When you hold a big zoom lens, you will only look like a paparazzi on the streets. You do not want to look suspicious in public, when all you want to do is capture a breath taking moment.

Be Respectful

When it comes to documenting street life, there is also etiquette. It is important to know when not to take pictures on the street. Not all people are comfortable with strangers taking their photos. So, as much as possible, ask for permission. Act courteous and be casual about it.

Tell a Story

Imagine you are a director of a film. How can you make a scene unique, fascinating or dramatic? In street photography, you need to learn how to take photos that convey humour, curiosity, sadness, anger or the beauty of everyday life. If you want to take your passion to the next level, get the proper training. EOS World, an online platform that promotes the art and appreciation of photography, shares that you can hone your skills when you participate in contests and events. Meeting like minded people allows you to enjoy and figure out how to take photos with a motivating story.

For an aspiring photographer like you, going from shooting trees to capturing people on the streets can be quite daunting at first. Once you try it out, however, you will realise how exciting it is.

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