Can Books Really Save Lives? Some Books CAN!

Safety Book

Safety BookWorking outside can be quite risky —some more than others. Carelessness is often the cause of accidents, as some people are just not aware. There are certain tools such as Take 5 safety books that could help drill safety protocol onto the minds of employees, and ensure the safety of others, their environment, and their companies’ properties.

Companies like B&S Printing publish some of these safety books, but what are they really good for?

Guidelines are at par With Global Safety Standards

To perform risk assessment in your workplace, you need some guidelines. In construction companies or any engineering related business, risk assessment is necessary and it comes with guidelines specific to the field. Still, if you are not an expert in setting ‘predefined guidelines’, these safety instructions could help.

Checklists and Risk Management

It contains checklists, which you can use to assess the possible risks in your work environment. Managing and identifying the risks in your workplace is essential to prevent any catastrophe that might lead to injury, or worse, death. You must know the likelihood or the possibility that an accident could happen and the amount of damage or harm that the consequence or accident might bring to your people and properties.

How to Use This Book

Distribute the book to everybody in your workplace for them to be aware of the things that might go wrong around them while they are working. The checklist items in the book is in question form and can be answerable by a simple yes, no, or not applicable. Moreover, the checklist items are in categories, which make it easier to find and answer.

Nevertheless, before you hand out this book to your employees or co-workers, it is important that you discuss the contents of this book first. More importantly, they must know the meaning of the terms and jargon, such as WI (Work Instructions), JSA (Job Step Analysis), etc., that they will find in the book. This will make their answers to the checklist more accurate.

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