Budget-Friendly Improvements: Lights Aren’t Just Functional

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor LightingThe first thing your relatives, guests and passers-by will see is your home’s exterior. Some people will judge a house’s interior based on what they see outside. Their first impressions will give them ideas on how you manage your home.

You may not have the budget to renovate your property to make it look appealing, but you do not have to spend thousands to spruce up its image. With proper lighting, your home will look better and make a good impression.

Ambient Lighting

Did you know that the type of light you use affects the temperature inside your home? Certain lights create a warm or cool ambiance that brings out the best in a house. The colour temperature of light uses degrees Kelvin for measurement. This indicates whether the light you install will appear cool or warm, or more blue or yellow.

  • 2,700 K provides homes with a warm, soft light similar to candlelight.
  • 3,500 K is a more neutral colour that is just right for any design
  • 4,000 K provides a cool ambiance that imitates natural daylight

Aside from taking advantage of colour temperature, use natural light to not only save money, but also to give your home a unique look without spending a fortune. Large windows and strategically placed mirrors maximise natural light coming into your property.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor water solutions that mix with lighting give your home’s exterior a personality of its own. Light fixtures that blend well with the plants and water features of your house make a façade appealing. Lights on the stairs that lead into your house or around a pool are fetching design elements that create the perfect ambiance for intimate gatherings with friends and family.

Create Mood

Bright lights are ideal for functional areas such as kitchens and office spaces at home. It prevents your eyes from feeling strained after doing a task, such as reading and preparing food. Layered and soft lights are a must if you would like to create a mood. These create intimacy and can even highlight certain aspects of your home’s exterior that you want to draw attention to.

Lighting is not just about illumination, playing with it and strategically installing it in various parts of your home’s exterior allow you to improve its appearance without overspending.