Brisbane Theatres: Home for the Arts

Theatrical PlayStep out of the ordinary and allow yourself to enjoy both the classic and contemporary arts in one place – at a theatre. Witness great acts and pieces from different era all in one place.

A date need not be boring. There can be a lot of new things to discover and things to do together apart from the usual dining out and movie night. Take your significant other to the museum and learn about art or be active and shoot some paintball guns. But if your partner likes the traditional date nights, you can still give it a twist. After dinner, instead of watching the latest movies shown in theatres, why not go to a live theatre instead? Yes, enjoy the classic and acclaimed performances in Brisbane’s theatre shows, suggests Brisbane Powerhouse.

Home for the arts

Expect only the best performances not only from Australia but from around the world as theatres in Brisbane is home to over a thousand performances and acts throughout the year. These performances vary widely, from local acts all the way to world renowned ones. They also offer different genres: drama, comedy, musical, and even the classics.

Not only is it home to the performing arts, theatres in Brisbane also double as an art centre where different contemporary works are displayed and showcased. These venues also host different art and cultural events.

A different experience

Some theatres have not stopped in just spreading the art to make your experience worth it, other also have restaurants to cap off your exquisite date night. Dine in Brisbane’s finest restaurants and bars to add to the ambience of having a classy date.

Truly, witnessing the local, the international, the classy and the contemporary is possible in just one night, and in just one place. Step a little bit away from the ordinary and allow you and your loved one to experience the beauty and the magnificence that is Australian theatre.