How to Beat Burglars at their Game


Crimes in U.S.There is an American home being burglarized as you read this. In fact, there is one every 15 seconds. The U.S. Department of Justice bases its statistics on reported crimes, so it’s possible that these burglaries happen more often than recorded.

To prevent this from happening to you, you have to be conscious about security. The best way to thwart thieves is to think like one. Here are some of the common types of burglars.

The Opportunistic Thief

These are the types that do not plan anything. They look for opportunities already available to them. That iPhone on the dash of an unlocked car, that radio on your porch — those types of things. If you’re away and the house looks empty, they will try the windows and doors. So don’t forget to lock everything. A guard dog is also a good deterrent. Opportunists don’t like taking obvious risks.

The Prowler

The difference between an opportunist and a prowler is the latter’s experience. The prowler has graduated from being an opportunistic thief to someone who targets a mark and plans his or her next move. The prowler is a more dangerous type, often willing to poison a guard dog, pick a lock, or smash a window. Your best protection from such thieves is an advanced home security system.

The Professional

The professional does not take anything for granted. They plan, sometimes for months or even years. If you have a safe in your home containing valuables, the professional will find a way to open it and steal your things or money. They plan everything for that big payday. According to the experts from Secure Pro, some professional thieves will have no problem defeating a simple security system, so invest in a high-end system, something with motion sensors and cameras that record in the cloud. A physical server in your house is easy to steal or break too.

Never leave your home or go to bed without checking if your doors and windows are locked, and the security system is set. Get guard dogs and motion sensors, and make sure there are security lights in every dark corner outside your house and within your property. Finally, have your house insured against burglary.