Bar Code Scanner: A Buying Guide

bar code scanner

bar code scannerIt has become common today to use different devices for specific purposes. For instance, bar code scanners, which have to be connected to a computer, are useful in the retail industry. There are many options available if you want this device. First, keep in mind that it is necessary to learn what these options are and how these will help in some situations.

Identify your specific needs

You can choose the one that meets your purposes. You should know the kind of codes you will be scanning and the frequency of use. Depending on your needs, you can choose the type of scanner and the form factor. You need to know if you will stay connected to a computer whilst using this device.

The different types

Depending on the kind of barcode you need to read, check on the scan engine. The first is the one that features a laser red diode, which can read the black and white areas in a code. The laser reads the reflected lights. Then, there are the linear imagers that can read 1D code only. These take a photo of the code and analyse the image. These can do a better job of reading poorly printed codes too. The 2D images are similar to linear ones, but can read any code. These do not require perfect alignment to read the codes.

Form factors

The in-counter style of bar code scanner used in retail stores are most popular, as these require simple aiming and clicking. You have a countertop style, as well, which allows hands free usage. These have wider reading angles.

There are mobile variants as well, which do not need a computer attached to it. These do a lot more than a simple scanner and are useful in asset and inventory management. There is an integrated in-counter and specialised devices for specific purposes.

Now that you have a better idea, choose the one that will best suit your business needs.

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