Australia Motorcycle Sales Drives Up


MotorcycleAustralia’s new motorcycle markets finished strong in 2014, despite a slight decelerating from 2013 figures.

Slow and Steady Drive

Total sales of motorcycles, scooters, and ATVs for the third quarter of 2014 reached almost 80,000, just a little under 1% lower than 2013 figures. Leading the race are the road bikes, up 3% compared to the same period of the previous year, and comprising around 40% of the total market, according to the latest figures from the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries.

Honda and Yamaha were the top selling brands of 2014, with Honda leading the way in new road bike sales and Yamaha taking the first spot in the off-road motorcycle sales.

The popularity of motorcycles and other two-wheeled vehicles is due in part to the affordability and durability of the bikes and its accessories, sold by groups like Five Star Yamaha. There’s also the rising popularity and dependability of genuine used spare parts.

The Two-Wheel Trend

Along with the steady growth in sales, the use of motorcycles and scooters are also on the uphill—a trend experts see as a way forward for the country’s problem on traffic congestion.

The Australian Motorcycle Council says the number of people travelling on motorised two-wheel vehicles have doubled in recent years, reaching more than 700,000. It’s a trend numerous groups are encouraging, as people look for greater convenience for the traffic congestion.

Car Sales go Down, Motorcycles go up

Another study predicts the days of personal car usage could be nearing an end, suggesting the world’s car population will go down by 2035. This, in turn, will drive the popularity of motorcycles and other vehicles that make getting around traffic easy.

Australia can learn a lot from Melbourne in this call for more efficient transportation. The capital of Victoria is the only Australian capital city that allows people to legally park their two-wheelers on the footpath. The city also has over 300 on-road parking spots for motorcycles.

Hopefully, the growing population of the motorbikes can be beneficial not just for the dealers and the economy, but for everyone as well.

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