Be Auction-Savvy: Some Tips to Make the Right Choice


Buying cars at a live auction in Melbourne or in other cities, adds excitement to any vehicle purchase. While it’s usually just as exciting as making the rounds to your local dealer, an auction provides a sense of competition.

Auctions are hugely popular across all of Australia, but not all people are familiar with the process of bidding. To be auction-savvy, listed here are some tips:

Do Your Homework

Research is an integral aspect of preparation. Visit public auctions of trucks in Perth to have a good idea of what the vehicle is worth. If you don’t know much about cars, then bring someone with you who does.


Choose your Auction

When you want to buy a vintage car, consider other alternatives like government auctions at Pickles Auctions. Government auctions offer buyers the potential to bid on cars with unique histories. This type of auction is open to the public, and registration is for free.

Decide on the Car

Knowing what you want will help you save time, effort, and money. Having a list of your preferred specifications will prevent you from rushing into getting a car you don’t want or have not checked well.

Don’t Rush

Take the time to choose the car that interests you. If possible, choose a couple of backups if you’re unlucky in bidding for your first choice.

The people who have the most success at auctions are those who come informed. Keep in mind that the ones who truly win will always retain their purchasing savvy and know when enough is enough.