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Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingSocial media sites have come a long way from being an online interaction instrument to becoming a marketing tool. With the promotion of social media as a business strategy, should it also take care of your law firm’s public relations?

The Bond Between Social Media and Marketers

Many businesses have become accustomed to communicating with clients and customers in their Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the top social media platforms this year, according to Social media Examiner’s 2015 report on Social Media Marketing Industry Report.

When asked where B2C (business to customer) marketers are likely to be found, 96 percent are on Facebook and 77 percent are on Twitter. On the other hand, about 88 percent of B2B (business to business) marketers are both on LinkedIn and Facebook. No doubt, social media managers are staying in your marketing group.

Marketing specialists such as an attorney SEO in Denver see social media as a productive online marketing tool. With various communication formats one can use on social media sites, these have not only become an advertising page where one delivers a copy or poster and includes contact details. Using social media to interact with potential clients creates a vital part of marketing – relationships.

Social Media and Public Relations

Service providing niches like law firms must invest in value adding public relations strategies wherein social media become the modern tool for PR managers. Relationships keep a service-oriented company in the business.

Without the connection between the clients and the company, it can be hard to retain loyal clients, much less invite referrals from them. Social media provide legal offices the avenue to communicate with their prospective clients and enjoy the free publicity that comes along with every like, retweet and share.

Every minute, the Internet and its social media cohorts are changing the marketing world. By mastering the science and art of social media marketing, your PR is bound to meet new heights of success and so is your legal office.

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