Assessing and Managing Pain Under Jaw Right Side

Jaw PainIn order to carry out your activities of daily living with ease, you need to have a sense of comfort at all times. Even if the pain you are experiencing is very slight, it can still seem problematic. At the same time, it can interrupt your concentration when an unpleasant sensation suddenly strikes.

You ought to realize that this sensation is your body telling you that there is something pathologic occurring which you need to address. Say, if you are experiencing pain under jaw right side, advises that you take certain considerations as to what that might really be.

What Are Your Differentials?

In this location, there may be different structures which would be involved. It is possible that you have a muscular strain in the neck, particularly if you elicit the pain with head turning and movement. If you have problems with hearing or balance, the ear may be involved. However, a very likely cause would be that of the jaw itself, or the muscles which support its action. Initially, rest would be advised because the condition could resolve on its own especially if the lesion is minor. Preventing too much movement will allow the inflammation to subside.

Treatment Options to Start With

In the case that conservative management does not work out, prescription medications may be offered. These may involve an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antibiotic. The latter would be important in the case of infection as determined by a blood test and systemic manifestations like fever, weakness, cough and colds.

If these do not provide relief, another approach may be to use assistive devices to promote proper functioning of the jaw while allowing the current injury to heal. While surgery could also be offered, it is already very invasive.

Clearly, there are many considerations when you would experience jaw pain, both in diagnosis as well as in management. People respond differently to different modalities, so be sure to not get dismayed if one approach does not deliver positive results right away.