As Demand For Cybersecurity Grows, Do You Have The Right Credentials?

IT monitoring for threats in his computer

If you’re planning to sign up for a CompTIA security+ practice test, CertBlaster notes that now is a good time to do so as more jobs await cybersecurity professionals in the U.S.

A report showed that employment opportunities in the sector rose 3.5% in 2017. While this means more choices for a potential job, competition will likely increase at the same time. The number of people who searched for cybersecurity roles also climbed almost 6% in the previous year.

Better Credentials

An IT professional’s credential add more weight to their credentials aside from years of experience. In fact, many companies prefer candidates to have certificates like the Security+. When choosing among different types of certification, go for the vendor-neutral one since it makes you more attractive for a broader range of employers.

Best Regions

Job hunters in Washington, D.C., have the most number of available job listings for cybersecurity, followed by New York City and the Dallas-Fort Worth area in Texas. California’s Silicon Valley is unsurprisingly among the top 10 cities as well. San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Jose ranked as the top eighth, ninth and 10th best cities for available jobs.

High Salaries

Some cities pay a higher salary to information security specialists, but it often doesn’t take the cost of living into account. Professionals in Charlotte, N.C., earn the highest average annual salary at $125,173 when adjusted for cost of living, while Chicago ranks next with an average $119,887 per year.

Based on salary alone, the highest-paid professionals are in San Francisco where they earn $148,621 on average. The adjusted annual salary in the city reaches slightly more than $116,000, which is the third-highest nationwide.


Certification is important for most types of jobs since they reflect an individual’s knowledge and skills on a subject matter. For cybersecurity professionals, it has become a requirement especially in the face of continually progressive online threats.