Are Grandma and Grandpa Better off Living in a Retirement Community?


SeniorRetirement communities in NC are more than just institutions that cater to the needs of the elderly. Throughout the United States, senior communities offer an impressive range of services. While some provide standard accommodations along with recreational activities, others offer posh quarters and luxury services.

When is it a good time to consider a retirement home for grandma or grandpa? What are the signs the family should watch out for?

Burgeoning health and safety concerns

Many older Americans live alone, far from their relatives, and they’re quite fine. However, if there’s a recent close call involving a motor vehicle, a medical crisis, or perhaps a minor fall, it might be safer for grandma or grandpa to reside in a retirement community. A worsening health condition is the primary motivation for leaving home and residing where they get medical help.

Housekeeping issues

Others receive the recommendation to consider independent living communities when they have difficulty performing activities of daily living during a functional assessment. The time will come in your life when you find it difficult, if not impossible, to climb ladders to remove icicles from the roof.

Even if you don’t have any physical disability, activities that used to be easy (e.g. mowing the lawn, changing a light bulb, weeding out the garden) becomes tiresome. Seniors who find it challenging to maintain the home are better off residing where dedicated personnel take care of these chores.

Traveling difficulties

The elderly may also find it difficult to travel, making trips to the beaches not that common. When considering senior residences, Twin Lakes Community in North Carolina suggests finding areas close to good locations.  This way, your seniors enjoy their time and don’t feel homesick.

Your grandparents at home may feel isolated, especially if they have no immediate access to a support group or to activities for seniors. Communities for the elderly give them plenty of opportunities to interact with other seniors, celebrate the festivities, and build strong friendships. This alone may be enough reason to consider talking to them about the move.