Air Conditioner Exercise


Air conditioners use a lot of power to regulate the temperature inside a room, and that’s not cool. The effect of an air conditioner on a house’s electric bill is comparable to the costs a car can have on the family’s overall expenses. Owning an air conditioning unit isn’t as simple as turning it on and not moving until the sweat stops dropping.


Air conditioners require solid maintenance on a regular basis to function better and longer. But, did you know that air conditioning maintenance could mean something as simple as cleaning? Just like how fat can clog up arteries, dirt congests the system of an air conditioner.

If dust accumulates in the indoor evaporator, it will prevent the coils from absorbing or releasing heat. This will make the unit work even harder to produce the same kind of output, which will accelerate any wear and tear damage on its parts. If no kind of maintenance or repair is done on the unit soon, it’ll die down from over exertion similar to cardiac arrest.

People get rid of fatty arteries by exercising, but since air conditioners can’t move, you’ll have to do the pipe cleaning for it. Not to worry, though, any sweat produced in the cleaning can be easily cooled away after a few minutes of turning on the unit you just cleaned up.