Ace That Interview: Advice for Job Applicants

Job Applicant from AucklandMany people come to a job interview thinking their CV and a little talent in making small talk are enough to get them the job. The truth is, interviewers are hard-wired to search for clues. They are not trying to make the situation difficult for you, but they want some answers.

So before you buy the latest paper with the classifieds or search online for job vacancies in Auckland, here are some practical hacks that may help you ace an interview, no matter how difficult it may seem at first: 

Learn about the job

One of the most common mistakes that job applicants commit is thinking the job vacancy ad is enough information. Most companies these days have websites, newsletters, social media accounts, etc. Do your research. Learn more about the job you’re applying for but don’t stop there. Learn about the company itself; what they do, what they stand for, companies they own or may have a stake in, etc. Learn what you can because many interviewers open with, “So what do you know about us?”

Practice but don’t overdo it

The problem with not practicing is you are risking not being able to say anything at all because you’re nervous. The problem with too much practice, on the other hand, is you might memorise your answers and try to fit them with questions that, in your mind, remotely connect to your canned answers. Instead, practice how to smile, how to sit straight while staying relaxed and how to answer truthfully and to the point.

Get to the point

Interviewers typically have to talk to many applicants in a day. So when they ask you a question, answer concisely. They easily get bored when you take forever to arrive at a point. They may also get the impression that you don’t know the answer and are only trying to make them believe you know what you’re talking about. If you do not know the answer, be truthful about it. Then again, if you’re prepared, you are likely to have an answer to most interview questions.

Be confident when you face an interviewer. It’s fine if you’re nervous; they already expect that. Just don’t let nerves get in the way of your opportunity to get that job.