A Spotless Addition: Easy Ways to Clean Your Blinds

Blinds in PerthWindow blinds adorn your office or home with beauty and style; maintaining them should be a priority. Keeping these window treatments in top condition will not only make them more durable, but also attractive and presentable. How you clean your blinds depends on the type, though.

Top suppliers of blinds in Perth share the easy ways you can clean your window covers:

Timber blinds

Wooden shades are easy to clean; you don’t need to use water to clean them. You can use lemon oil, or simply dust each slat using a damp rug. If the shades consist of faux wood, you use water to clean them.

Fabric blinds

The recommended way to clean fabric curtains is by regular vacuuming or dusting. If there is dirt on a particular spot, spray a mild detergent and use spot cleaning with a damp sponge. Soaking of fabric blinds is highly discouraged. If you find them extremely dirty, take them out for dry cleaning.

Another easy way to keep off the dust from these shades is by using a hair dryer to blow off any dirt trapped between the creases. Remember to set your hair dryer to ‘cool’ before using it. Should you find grime or stains on these window covers, use a sponge placed in warm, soapy water to blot the region—don’t oversaturate. Dry up the shades completely before you raise them.

Vertical blinds

These can comprise of wood, vinyl, aluminium or thick cloth. While you can’t frequently notice dust on them, you need to clean them regularly. Apply the methods mentioned above when cleaning them, but the catch is usually to protect the floor and the windows. The easiest way is to remove and clean them, except for the wooden blinds that may require dusting and vacuum cleaning.

Proper care of your blinds can make a big difference to your comfort levels. Apply these cleaning methods to keep your window covers in good condition.