A Short List of Venue Hiring Do’s and Don’ts

People At PartyWhether it’s a wedding, christening, birthday party, or company celebration, your shindig needs a place worth booking. There are dozens of great places but once you’ve made your choice, you need to make sure everything is in order for your celebration. Here is a simple list to make that pre-party planning a lot easier.

DO Make Your Own Checklist – Whatever you need to include on your big event has to be written down. How many people are expected? What kind of food service will you use? Do you need a big sound system or a stage? Take everything into careful consideration as each item can cost you space and money.

DON’T Wait for the Last Minute – Blatantly ignoring deadlines and schedules will cost you, an expert from Laruche.com.au warns. If anything needs to be changed in the venue or the program, let the organisers and the establishment know ASAP. This holds doubly true if you’re reserving an area during peak seasons. There are Brisbane function rooms that offer discounts if you book early or during off-seasons.

DO Ask About Deposits – Every venue, from the smallest room to the biggest function hall, will require some sort of reservation deposit, often at fifty percent. Talk to your planner and the management to settle how much you can give and how much you can get refunded if the event is moved or, heaven forbid, cancelled. Better safe than uninformed.

DON’T Forget to Update – Suddenly remembered a few additional guests? Need to cut down on food items or change the live band? Whatever you need changing, let the management know before the actual event. This will give your people time to fix everything up before the big day.

Knowing the best practices when hiring a venue will definitely make your lives and budget a lot easier to handle. If you’ve followed the advice above, your special occasion is well on its way to success. So get dressed, arrive at your best, relax and enjoy your party.