A Feast for Your Eyes: Serve Up IG-Worthy Restaurant Fare

Taking a picture of pancakes and coffee

Coffee, Tea, or IG?

The photography bug is hard to escape whenever you dine out with friends. Whether it’s the food or the restaurant itself, a focus on visual aesthetic and ambiance have customers taking their phones out and snapping away and posting photos on their Instagram accounts and getting likes.

Pleasing aesthetics and good food easily bring in a crowd of customers. If you want to make your restaurant more appealing to this crowd, consulting with one of San Francisco’s full-service design and build companies is a good place to start. You can also take a look at what the hip and trendy food places are doing to inspire the design of your business.

Color Me Surprised

Many of the picture-perfect coffee shops and diners that grace the digital pages of Instagram have striking color schemes. Bright colors give off a fresh, happy vibe that’s sure to reel in younger customers. Neutrals and darker colors, on the other hand, go well with a classy or hip motif. Moreover, eye-catching and colorful patterns are great options that look amazing as a focal point in a monochromatic room.

Regardless of what color palette you choose to attract customers, remember also to match your lighting to the theme. For instance, get wide windows and let in lots of natural light to match your cheerful theme. You could also choose quirky fixtures and dramatic lighting for that cozy feel perfect for cafés.

Wood You Look at That

Wood is a versatile material choice for your design. You can use light wooden blinds and furniture for a summery, tropical look, while dark and rich wooden surfaces present an elegant impression. Additionally, rough wooden surfaces give off a vintage and cozy vibe.

You can take a quick peek at popular Instagram posts see just how many feature wooden backgrounds or elements. Food served on a block of wood or in a cute wooden tray create instant picture-worthy moments. Meanwhile, the grain on wooden surfaces is a commonly seen backdrop in both food and outfit-of-the-day (OOTD) photos.

Green is In

Plants are becoming more visible in eating establishments. The presence of greenery in a room full of metal furnishings lends it a warm and inviting appearance, after all. Sweeping vines over brick walls and fresh herb gardens offer irresistible photo opportunities for everyone.

Another way to go green is to use recycled furniture and decor. You can’t deny the charm of a vintage bike mounted on the wall or old books hanging from the ceiling.

Take note of all the different factors that drive your restaurant’s dining crowd, such as your location and target demographic, before redesigning your place into an Instagram spot. Most of all, remember that your aesthetics should highlight the food you serve.