6 Ways to Prevent Bed Bug Re-infestation in Your Home

Closeup of a Bed Bug

Bed bugs require a temperate environment to thrive. Your home has plenty of these places and provides a favorable breeding ground for them. Due to their quick reproduction and ability to hide, it’s best to have a bed bug removal company handle the fumigation process. They’ll conduct a safe and effective treatment.

Once they’re done, the last thing you want is a re-infestation. Here’s how to avoid one.

1. Declutter

Clutter creates a haven for bugs and gives them places to hide. Get rid of things you no longer use by disposing of, recycling, or donating them.

2. Get a Mattress Cover

These are casings made of quality fabric that enclose the mattress. They are not only durable but also resistant to folds and tears. Since they have no folds, they eliminate the chances of bed bugs finding shelter on the mattress.

3. Use Monitors

Bed bug monitors will help you identify their presence before they develop into a full-blown infestation. The device can be placed on the feet of the bedposts.

4. Inspect Your Home Regularly

It’s essential to check your furniture regularly. Pay close attention to antique and vintage furniture. Also inspect used furniture thoroughly before bringing it home.

5. Avoid Moving Blankets

Professional movers provide moving blankets. These may be infested with bugs from previous clients. Use your own blankets to avoid infestation.

6. Seal Your Home

It’s possible to get bed bugs from your neighbors. They could crawl in through the smallest cracks. To bug-proof your home, apply caulk on any tiny openings inside and outside your home. Repair any damaged or torn window screens too.

Bed bugs come into a home in some ways you may not suspect. This could be through traveling luggage, or you could pick them in public places such as movie theaters, dressing rooms, public transport, or the doctor’s office among others. Look out for signs of bugs such as bites on your skin and if you suspect bed bugs, treat your clothes immediately.