5 Tips and Ideas for Team Building

Group of Employees Clinking a Glass of Wine

Businesses have long recognized the importance of maintaining a strong and friendly office environment. Here are some tips on how this can be done with your team building activities.

Encourage physical activity

Many businesses encourage games like basketball, volleyball, or swimming as a way to promote activities while still having fun. No need to go all the way to the beach though; indoor games like billiards or badminton will work just as well without overtaxing your employees. You’ll find lots of corporate party venues in Markham that come with these benefits, like Le Cue Lounge.

Set a goal

Let everyone know exactly why the activity is being done. It’s not just to have fun—lay down the ultimate goal of the activity. Some employers mash up the team building with perhaps an hour or two of seminars with the rest of the day meant for fun. The length of the seminar may vary depending on the overall amount of time for actual socialization.

Make sure it’s offsite

While it might seem logical to hold the activity in your office, this is rarely a good idea. It’s better if you manage to go outside the four walls of the workspace, as this gives your people more room to breathe. Conducting the team activity within work makes it difficult for individuals to get in the proper mindset for collaboration and team building.

Schedule on a workday

The fact that the event is on a workday adds to the enjoyment of the event. This is because your employees essentially get a fun off-day and thus don’t have to cut back on their weekday for a mandatory activity. Schedule it on a Friday, perhaps closing off earlier so that everyone can enjoy the event.

Get feedback

Don’t forget to ask for comments about the team building activity. This will tell you if the event contributed to your overall goal as well as how to improve future team building activities if needed.

These are just some methods you can use to improve company camaraderie. Remember that team building activities don’t just help improve the office social but also minimizes employee turnover.