4 Ways to Conserve Water in Your Own Home

Electricity or water? When asked which of the two they can live without, most people would quickly answer “electricity.” But water is the source of life. No living thing will survive without it. That’s why it’s so important to conserve whatever water is available to us today.

Many households and industries use large rainwater containers or tanks as part of their water conservation efforts. Some would simply stand in basins as they shower and reuse the water for cleaning floors and walls.

Here are other ways you can save water in your own home.

1. Use the same glass throughout the day.

People need to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. That’s eight glasses you’ll have to wash. Instead of putting your glass in the sink after drinking, cover it so you can use it when you want to drink again.

2. Do your laundry by bulk.

Standard top-load washing machines use around 40 gallons of water per wash. Front loaders use about 14-27 gallons. If you only wash a few pieces of clothing at a time, you wash more frequently, using more water.

Have everyone in your household collect dirty clothes weekly and set one day a week for laundry day.

3. Catch and reuse dishwater.

Handwashing dishes use around two to six gallons of water. That’s how much you can save by reusing it. Put a basin in your sink as you wash your dishes. Then use it to water your plants or flush down toilets.

4. Rinse your head and body together.

Showers use a significant amount of water in a household. And while taking long showers make you feel good, shorter showers save more water. Reduce shower time by at least one minute, and you’ll be able to save gallons of water a year.

There are dozens of ways to save water depending on your daily household activities. Be sure to get the whole family in on conserving water and protecting Mother Earth.