4 Practical Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Fleet Trucks

Service trucks are a business asset. And when it comes to your assets, you want to The need for a good commercial body companyknow how to make the most out of them.

There are different ways to define what makes a truck productive. In general, business owners and fleet managers simply want to get things done with the trucks spending the least amount of time and money possible.

Here's how to maximise the benefits of your fleet:

1.  Choose the right size of truck.

Having a truck that is too small or too large for your uses can lead to higher fuel costs. For instance, if a truck is fully loaded and needs to come back for a second cycle at the end of the day, you may need a larger truck that only has to make a single delivery trip every day.

2.  Use custom service bodies.

Conduct a detailed review of what you need and contact a commercial body company to see if there are new service body designs available on the market. The custom body industry is rapidly churning out new mounted accessories and commercial equipment that you might not know you need to increase truck productivity.

3.  Optimise truck routes.

If your trucks are doing daily deliveries and pick-ups, conduct a review of their routes using map-based programs. If you are tech-savvy, you can use map routing software to find shorter alternative routes that are easier for your drivers to manoeuvre.

4.  Determine other uses.

Commercial trucks are not getting any cheaper. If you can find multiple functions for your trucks, whilst also investing in their maintenance, you can prolong the service life of your fleet. For instance, if a truck goes out for delivery during the day, consider having a second driver use the same truck for night deliveries.

Lastly, it pays to look beyond the truck and focus on the human aspect as well. Invest in driver safety and comfort, since you really do not want your employees to sustain injuries while at work. Remember, a driver who is happy with his truck is a productive driver.