4 Must-Have Tools to Keep Your Restoration Projects on Time

Man spraying on the car door

You might think you lower your operating cost by buying car restoration tools only when you need them. But, every time you are stuck without the right tool, you lose precious time on a project. And you risk getting negative feedback from customers who expect to have their cars back on the date you promised.

So, if you want to protect your reputation and ensure the timeliness of your restoration projects, you should invest in these necessary tools:

1. Air Compressor

Several tools for car restoration projects, like impact wrenches and grinders, need to be powered by an air compressor. You can also use it to power the spray gun you may need for body paint. Plus, if you plan to provide more car repair services in the future, then having a quality air compressor is a must.

2. Angle Grinder

An angle grinder is a versatile, effective tool. You can use it to remove rust, cut metal, and buff sharp edges. This tool isn’t only a must-have for bodywork but also a good addition to your tool arsenal.

3. Dent Puller

Often, cars needing restoration have multiple dents. But those won’t be too much of a problem if you have a dent puller on hand. You can buy either one that is powered by an air compressor or hand operated. The hand-operated type may give you a bit more control over dents that are difficult to get to.

4. Pipe Notcher

Pipe notchers such as those from Baileigh are a must-have tool for restoring exhaust pipes and other piping systems in a car, JMC Equipment explains. After all, creating accurate cuts in pipes and tubes before welding them isn’t easy without the right tool.

Before you get on your next restoration project, keep a list of tools you need to do specific restoration works on a vehicle. If you will be needing a particular tool more than once, then it is best you buy it now rather than rent or purchase one while doing the project.